Aromatherapy Massage is the art of using essential oils from aromatic plants, shrubs, flowers and trees, combined with a gentle massage technique to encourage healing and relaxation to restore balance to the mind, body & spirit...

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Aromatherapy Massage is a much lighter massage then Swedish or Hot Stones Massage, and combines sense of touch with smell.

The aromatherapy molecules are so tiny that they penetrate through the skin into the blood stream and circulate around the body.  The sense of smell activates the limbic system in the brain, evoking memories and emotions.

The healing power of plants have been used throughout time for perfume and medicine.  The essential oils are made from the flowers, leaves, bark, stems, resin and roots.  Different oils have different properties from relaxing Lavender and Rose oil, to invigorating Rosemary and Citrus oils.

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They are antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, and therefore good for treating infections, muscular pains and depression.

Essential oils are very strong.  it takes 100Kg of Lavender to produce 1Kg of oil, and 60,000 rose blossoms to produce just 25g of Rose oil.

Essential oils have three ranges... top notes, middle notes and base notes.  Top notes are very thin oils, act quickly, and are generally used for stimulation and upliftment.  Base notes oils are much thicker, and take longer to get into the circulation.  These are good for stress relief and relaxation, whereas middle note essential oils are soft, calming and uplifting.

The essential oils are mixed with a vegetable oil, (carrier oil) such as almond oil.  The oils are mixed specifically for each client depending on their needs and can be blended to treat back pain, IBS, muscular pain, coughs, colds, stress etc.  Approximately 5 drops of essential oils are used to 10mls of carrier oil.

During Aromatherapy Massage, the clients arms, legs, shoulders and back are gently massaged.  The massage lasts 1 hour and together with relaxing music, the body and mind are allowed to unwind and be in a more balanced state. 

The essential oils will continue to do their work after the treatment has finished.

Price: £30

(Approx 1 hour)