Reflexology is the holistic alternative healing technique by massaging the areas in the feet to active reflex points of the organs in the body...

massage oilsReflexology sessions help to reduces stress, stimulate circulation, rejuvenate tired feet, induce relaxation and improved overall sense of well-being.

The origins of reflexology can be traced back thousand of years to India, China and Egypt.  It was practiced alongside meditation, yoga, tai chi and acupuncture.

Reflexology is generally carried out on the feet, but can also be done on the hands and ears.  There are points on the feet that correspond to all parts of the body, e.g. liver, stomach, bladder, sinuses, shoulder and hips etc.  If pressure is applied to these points, the foot will automatically pull away as a reflex action if the feeling is too strong or painful.

Reflexology is the perfect foot massage that not only pampers your feet, but your whole body, mind and soul.

Price: £30

(Approx 1 hour)