Swedish Massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing depending on what the therapist wants to achieve...

Swedish Massage Oldham

Massage has been practiced in Eastern cultures for thousands of years for health benefits and well-being.  If we bump a limb it is natural for us to rub the pain away.

A massage is carried out with the client lying face up on the therapy couch, covered with a towel.  The legs and arms are massaged in turn using a carrier oil, e.g. Almond, Sunflower or Grapeseed.

The initial movements are light yet firm to warm the muscles up.  As the muscles warm and relax, greater pressure can then be applied.  Deeper massage techniques are then used, (Kneading, Rolling, Hacking and Cupping etc),  to relieve pain and knots in muscle tissue.

oldham massage

Swedish Massage always squeezes the muscles towards the heart with a gentle return stroke.  This increases circulation by 10-15%, so more Oxygen getting into the muscles and organs. 

Toxins are released from the muscles, scar tissue is broken down, skin tone and elasticity is improved along with muscle tone.

The lymphatic system is stimulated to drain and remove fluid, toxins and waste from the tissues, and the body is gently brought back into alignment. The client turns over and the legs are massaged, finishing off with a back and shoulder massage.

The rhythmic movements, relaxing music, sense of touch and time all have a profound effect on the mind as well as the body, relaxing the nervous system and restoring balance.

Swedish Massage may benefit people who have trouble sleeping, and who may suffer from anxiety or depression.  There are also benefits for people who suffer back or muscular pain, ligament problems and stress.  Even if you are in good health, a Swedish Massage is great for upliftment and relaxation.

Price: £30

(Approx 1 hour)