We stock a range of aroma diffusers and aromatherapy oils & scents to soothe your mind body & spirit at Moonstone gift shop & psychic venue in Saddleworth near Oldham...

Our Aroma Diffuser range uses ultrasonic technology, tap water and optional essential/fragrance oils to create a soothing, purifying and aromatic mist for a peaceful and healthy natural environment.

essential oilsTimeless, elegant and uber cool design meets modern science to create an explosion of scent.

Cutting edge technology and pioneering manufacturing combined with modern design make the madebyzen range of Aroma Diffusers unique and attractive. Using the latest ultrasonic technology makes these home fragrance products must have items for any home (or other environment where you need to create a 'Zen' like atmosphere). Visually stimulating, these multifunctional products enrich your surroundings whilst creating a soothing, cool, scented and relaxing mist which is magical and a real focal point.

These mini "fountains" of water and fragrance eliminate the need for plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers, joss sticks, and room freshener sprays. Tap water and a favourite essential or fragrance oil is all that is required for an instant aroma hit! For a small carbon footprint, the madebyzen™ Aroma Diffusers enable you to create a truly zen-tastic environment.

Our range of aroma diffusers boast multifunctional benefits:

Aroma Diffuser - fragrances your surroundings healthily and effectively. Use with an essential oil, fragrance oil or even your favourite perfume oil. As no heat source is required, essential oils are not degraded.
Mini Humidifier - Hydrates and moisturises without creating condensation; ideal in today's centrally heated or air-conditioned environments
Air Purifier - Improves the quality of the air you breathe. As no smoke is produced - only a fine water mist; makes these diffusers ideal for any time or place.
Ioniser - Produces "feel good" negative ions
Colour lighting - various lighting options available across the range; vibrant static colours, elegant interior design led lighting options and colour changing mood lighting.
For added peace of mind, all of the madebyzen™ Aroma Diffusers incorporate a patented auto shut-off, which is triggered when the water falls below the required level. This makes them safe to use even with pets or young children around.