Our gift shop & psychic venue hosts regular psychic events and psychic development workshops in Greenfield, Oldham with leading spirit mediums and psychic clairvoyants...

Moonstone is the perfect venue for you and your friends to experience an intimate and atmospheric psychic night out. Join us for spiritual talks, psychic development workshops and group meditations.

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Meet your own spirit guide or guardian angel through a spirit guide portrait and reading at Moonstone in Saddleworth.

As a visionary, psychic & intuitive artist, Rosalind will tune in to your energy and paint a colour portrait of them for you, and you will learn how they are helping you right now.

Ros was born a clairvoyant with a sense of inner knowing, and was taught by her Spirit Guides to be a psychic artist. She has spent the past 35 years working as a trainer and life coach.

Sunday 5th July: Bookings being taken on the hour from 10.00am

£50 A4 Colour Portrait - Advance Bookings Only


Empowered By Energy Workshop with Paul Hunt

Psychic Development Courses Oldham and Tameside

Paul is running a series of psychic development workshops to provide you with the necessary support and foundation  to develop awareness and psychic ability.

Join Paul in a 2 hour special workshop, where he will help you unfold the power of your Aura and Chakra's.

Understanding your energy system will help you lead a balanced positive life. In this workshop Paul will help you to discover ways on how you can effectively sense and feel your aura, and for you to be more self aware of your mind body and spirit.

Paul will guide you through positive ways on how to protect you from things that are negative. This workshop will enable you to learn the skills and techniques on how to send out positive affirmations to the universal energies that surround you on a day to day bases, giving you that chance to have all that you desire.

Friday 10th July: 7.00pm - 9.00pm

£20 - Advance Bookings Only



Shamanic Experience with Gary Smith

Join Gary Smith 'Fire Bird Sky' on a journey into meditation to discover hidden depths as you experience our evening of Shamanic Drumming, Smudging and Song...

gary smith shamanBy listening to the rhythm of the Drum, the 'beat vibration' will allow you to discover hidden depths as you go on a journey into meditation and enter into a deeper understanding of self awareness.

There will be songs to sing, explanations of smudging and insight into the 'laying out' of the Crystal Medicine Wheel.

Friday 11th September: 7.00pm start

£15 Advance Bookings Only

Angels Workshop

Connecting With Your Celestial Helpers

Rafael has worked with many other forms of divination, and now incorporates his knowledge of the Pagan, Wiccan, Druid and Shamanic paths in his development workshops and private readings.

Oldham Angel WorkshopWe all have a Guardian Angel watching our for us...

In this workshop we will look at:

  • Who and what are the Angels.?
  • Ways in which the Angels communicate with us.
  • Meditation to connect with our personal Guardian Angel(s).
  • Cord cutting and space clearing with the angels.
  • Working with crystals to enhance your connection with the Angels.
  • Working with Angel oracle cards and giving an Angel reading.

Wednesday 23rd September

7.30pm - 9.30pm

£15 - Advance Bookings Only


An Evening Demonstration Of Mediumship

with Paul Hunt

Friday 2nd October: 7.00pm start

£15 - Advance Bookings Only

Divining and Pendulum Workshop with Paul Hunt

Psychic Development Courses Oldham and Tameside

Paul has made TV appearances for Most Haunted and The Great Unexplained Debate and has been a regular guest on 2BR radio...

Pendulums and other forms of divining tools have been used for centuries, due to modern technology, they are very rarely used. Modern technology doesn't always help you find things that you have lost, it cannot give you answers to questions that you have regarding the most intimate details of your life.

In this 2 hour workshop, Paul is going to show you how to find the right pendulum that will work for you within your spiritual work.

He will show you how to become in-tune with it, help you find effective ways to ask the most important questions and to get the answers from the pendulum that will help you within your life.

Friday 16th October: 7.00pm - 9.00pm

£20 - Advance Bookings Only


***Halloween Special Event***

Come and honour the Ancestors and learn the origins of the ancient Celtic holiday formally known as Samhain - (The Witch's New Year)

On this event, we will loot at:

  • The truths and misconceptions of this ancient holiday and how they originated.
  • Take part in a Samhain ceremony and honor the ancestors.
  • Cast a releasing spell to let go of the old energy of the past 12 months and help to let go of that which we don't need any more.
  • Mediumship demo/readings to connect with the ancestors (if time permits)
*Please bring a photograph or item belonging to an Ancestor/Loved One in Spirit to place on the Altar*

Saturday 31st October: 7.30pm start

£20 - Advance Bookings Only - Includes Supper!


An Introduction To Spell Casting

Enter the magical world of the witch and learn to connect with the energies of nature to create positive change in your life...

spell casting workshop

Workshop details:

  • Brief history of witchcraft and what it is and is not.
  • What witches believe - concept of God/Goddess.
  • The wheel of the year - pagan festivals.
  • What is a spell? - what is magic?
  • Rules of spell casting.
  • The elements earth, air, fire, water and why they are important in spell casting.
  • Magical correspondences - working with Gods and Goddesses, moon phases, days of the week, candles and colours, (and other ingredients).
  • Magical tools used.
  • How to bless, cleanse, consecrate and charge materials.

Putting it all together.

  • Writing the spell and creating your own spell book.
  • Setting up an altar.
  • Casting a circle and calling the elements.
  • Raising and focusing the energy.
  • What to do after spell casting.
  • Q&A.

Wednesday 25th November: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

£15 - Advance Bookings Only


Christmas Togetherness - An Evening Demonstration Of Mediumship

with John Harrop

Mince pies, mulled wine.. and a chance to light a candle for your loved one.

Moonstone's intimate and atmospheric setting is a great place for you to experience our festive evening of mediumship.

Thursday 3rd December: 7.00pm start

£15 - Advance Bookings Only


Christmas Togetherness - An Evening Demonstration Of Mediumship

with John Harrop

Mince pies, mulled wine.. and a chance to light a candle for your loved one.

John Harrop concludes our final event for 2015 when he returns to Moonstone for his festive candle service and evening demonstration of mediumship.

Thursday 17th December: 7.00pm start

£15 - Advance Bookings Only